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“Dr. Fogle and Mary know the customer comes first and is the reason for the existence of their practice. Exceptional medical expertise and surgical skills are the given and the expected, yet they go beyond to making the customer experience count. My preference would have been to never need Resurgens however things happen. In this case, I was fortunate to fall into the able hands and care of this medical team.”

Lisa Ford; Customer Service Expert

Customer Service is Good Medicine

 “The injury, treatment, and recovery process was honestly a very emotional journey for me. I was used to being very active and this brought me to a complete standstill.  Thankfully, Dr. Fogle and the Resurgens staff really cared about how much it was affecting me both physically and emotionally, and they did everything they could to help me move forward in a positive way.”

Cindy Poundstone; Teacher, Tennis Player, Philanthropist

Resurgens Patient Gets Back to Serving Others After ACL Tear

“Dr. Fogle told me it was one of the worst breaks he had ever seen.  After the surgery, it continued to be difficult for me for a while, but every time I would see Dr. Fogle he would be so upbeat and encouraging, always focusing on my progress. That really helped me get through the hard times.”

Jerry Lambert; Triathlete

Local Triathlete Returns to Resurgens After Devastating Bike Accident, Makes Full Recovery

 “The people at Resurgens listen to you. They care about you beyond your first office visit. Dr. Fogle is brilliant. He saw something immediately that the other people had missed, and I’ve already referred my 85-year-old mother to him.” 

Lisa Maggart; "What does Resurgenize mean to you?" Contest Winner

Physical Therapy Allowed Resurgens Orthopaedics Patient To Postpone and Perhaps Avoid Rotator Cuff Surgery